Natosha Keefer, NDK’s Designs and Decor

Art is an adventure into the unknown world…. Allow your personal inspiration to reflect your inner purpose.

Artist Bio: Natosha is a Kansas City artist and designer who has been described as “the dancing colorist”, a multimedia artist working on themes of movement in dance and nature relating to human life and expression. Natosha is a professional dancer, who brings music and dance into her art during live painting sessions, across the nation. She works in her studio space in Overland Park Kansas and is represented by Paper Birch Landing Gallery. Designing and Creating are a part of daily life. Natosha’s wanderlust travel spirit serves her well, as she travels the nation each year, promoting her denim clothing and home décor line. Alternatively, Natosha can be found on the dance floor, grooving the night away to a deep bachata groove.

Artist Statement: From the time I was born, the performing and visual arts were a happy companion to me. I had traveled the world by the time I was 10 years old, my father was career military. As I traveled throughout my life, I have always been drawn to nature’s beauty and adventure, from the ocean to the jungle, I felt at home. As I toured city after city during my professional dance career, I knew that even though I called one city home, the world was my home. I began creating multimedia work in 2009, with an emphasis on color theory in nature and movement of dance. Creating bright, exuberant works that evoked a joyous spirit in the viewer became my goal. As I grew as an artist, I started a journey to also educate the viewer through visual media about environmental issues. My multimedia work contains recycled denim and textiles, along with sand, shells and found objects. Through my pieces, I take the viewer on a journey of color in nature while relating the need for conservation efforts to ensure our world is healthy and happy for millennia to come.

You can find Natosha’s work on Fine Art America, Buttonwood Art Space and Houzz.

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